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Connected People. Compassionate Communities. Philanthropic Future.

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What is YPI?

YPI is an inclusive, multi-award-winning approach to grant-making that grows compassionate communities by connecting high school students to social issues, local charities, and philanthropy at a pivotal stage in their adolescence.

Our Impact


White icon of a dollar bill
More Than
$ 10000000
grant dollars

have been provided by YPI’s funders to be granted by youth through our inclusive, participatory process

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have developed skills, competencies and positive attitudes towards civic engagement

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have learned about social issues from students advocating in their communities

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community members

have been helped by frontline social service charities who have won grants through YPI


Canada’s young people are included, empowered, and engaged in creating more compassionate and connected communities where they live, and a more philanthropic future for all. 


YPI Canada is growing connected, compassionate communities through our inclusive, multi-award-winning approach to youth-led participatory grant-making. By 2024, our goal is to grant $1M annually to charities decided by 40,000 engaged and empowered youth, and to connect 350,000 Canadians each year around caring for social causes in their communities. 

Our strategic priorities for 2019-2024


We aspire to be a strategic, high-impact partner for the philanthropic community.

Increase funding, diversify revenue sources, and build a sustainable YPI granting model.


We will steward award-winning program quality for high schools and youth, and invest in continuous improvement.

Deepen YPI's impact on youth and schools. Expand enrolment to new communities.


We strive to be a champion of local charities chosen by youth, and a collaborative, valued partner in support of their communities.

Increase YPI's value for participating charities. Leverage YPI for lasting community impact.

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See the Charities Youth Advocate for

Take a look at some of the many charities our YPI participants have empowered with their grants.

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