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We’re excited to welcome more schools, and extend our impact to more students and charities across Canada. Applications for the 2021/22 program are now open. Please see below four our  program requirements  that include current COVID adaptations.

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Want to bring YPI to your school?

Once you’ve reviewed the program requirements and information below, submit your school’s application form online.
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Let us know who to reach out to by using our online nomination form.

Pour la version francaise du formulaire de candidature for les nouvelles écoles, veuillez cliquez ici. 

Program Requirements

Through your school’s partnership with YPI Canada, all participating teachers will be provided with a fully resourced, curriculum-aligned lesson plan and student assignment package, as well as training and ongoing support from professional staff by phone, email, video conference, and virtual workshops.

Enrolment is free for public schools and includes a $5,000 grant for your students to award to a local charity. The program is free for independent/private schools; and they participate in a grant-share partnership with YPI, providing $2,500 toward their school’s charity grant.

In turn, schools must agree to the following program requirements to enrol in YPI programming, which are current for 2021/2022 and include continued COVID adaptations:

  1. YPI will be taught as a project in any mandatory course in grade 9 or 10, with a minimum of 50% of the classes across the grade level participating.*
  2. Your school’s YPI Lead Teacher will be the main point of contact for receiving and responding to YPI communications. They will participate in an orientation/training session with YPI staff before the start of your school’s YPI programming; and they will provide periodic updates on your school’s YPI project upon request throughout the year.
  3. All YPI Teachers must review YPI’s Student Care and Ethics Principles regarding students’ personal stories, privacy and digital imprint, permission and consent. This is to support YPI Teachers to center youth voices and experiences in ways that are respectful and ethical throughout the program.
  4. All YPI Teachers will use the 2021/2022 YPI Teacher Resource Guide to implement the 2021/2022 program. YPI staff will provide orientation and training on the updated guide and resources, which are available in English and French.**
  5. Charities selected for YPI research are to be identified and chosen by students, and they must meet YPI’s granting eligibility requirements (a registered charity providing social services directly to people in your local area).
  6. YPI Teachers and Authorizing Administrators will support students to engage with representatives from local charities as part of their research. Please see the note on COVID adaptations below.***
  7. A majority of students must be directly involved in making the final decision regarding your school’s YPI grant. During the pandemic, this could involve an in-person or online student vote, a digital showcase, a judging panel with majority students separate from a YPI Final Assembly, or a traditional YPI Final where in-person gathering is permitted.

*Starting in their second year, participating schools must implement YPI in 100% of classes across any mandatory course (schools may start with 50% of their classes participating in their first year). However, the 50% participation rate is an exception that is being offered to all schools during COVID, and this will extend through the 2021/2022 academic year. Please request a phone call with YPI staff if you would like to discuss a different type of participation exception for your school. The 100% participation requirement is to support inclusion of all students across the grade level.

**The YPI Teacher Resource Guide will be made available to all participating schools in the Fall. Teachers may select resources/activities that are relevant to their curriculum, and supplement with additional material as needed.

***Always follow your local public health regulations. Under ordinary circumstances, YPI students engage with local charities most often through site visits and interviews; however direct contact with charities is currently not encouraged, both to adhere to public health regulations, as well as to respect the acute needs of charities, many of whom are currently short staffed, underfunded, and busier than ever. In lieu of this type of direct engagement, during COVID we recommend that students use online resources to research their chosen charities, followed by a thank you letter to the charity. (Resources are included in the Teacher Resource Guide).

What to Prepare

You will need the support of a school administrator who will be able to authorize your school’s participation in YPI. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a downloadable guide you can share with your administrative team and department colleagues.

Along with some basic information about your school (address, contact information, etc.) the YPI application form will ask a series of short answer questions about where our program would fit within your school’s culture and community. We encourage you to take some time to consider and discuss these questions within your department, or with your administrators/school leadership before you get started on the application form.

  • What school-wide goals/priorities/values align with YPI?
  • What are some student outcomes you would hope to see as a result of participating in YPI?
  • What other experiential learning/social justice/community engagement programs/initiatives are offered at your school?
  • What does student/youth voice mean to you as an educator? How does your school engage youth in decision-making?
  • In what ways does your school currently interact with charities and other community organizations?
  • In your opinion, what social issues are currently most pressing in your school’s surrounding community?
  • Additional comments/questions/considerations.

Prospective Schools Guide

You can also take a look at our guide for prospective schools to get a better idea of what to expect in the YPI program.

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Guide for Prospective Schools

This PDF guide outlines the YPI program and application process for new schools. It can be downloaded, printed, and shared with educators and school administrators who are interested in running YPI with their students.

Still have some questions?

We would love to speak with you about how YPI can fit into your school and what resources will be provided to support you and your students throughout the program. Please contact us and we can provide you with the background information you need to make an informed decision about bringing YPI into your school.