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Dear YPI Student: Thank you

Dear YPI student:

Thank you. This year, you spoke up, rose up, lent an ear, lent a hand, and shared a victory.

During the YPI Final Presentations, you showed the adult world a glimpse of what you’re capable of. And we say “THANK YOU” – for sharing your values, for asking good questions, for showing your conviction, and for compelling us to continue to care even more.

Thank you for believing in what charities believe in. Thank you for sharing your depth, through…

  • Your songs and voices…

[Father Henry Carr C.S.S. students – Jade, Vanessa & Damilola – advocating for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter]

  •  Your scripts and empathy…
    Text of a YPI presentation script
  •            Your art, design and visual poetry…


[Notre Dame C.S.S. students – Niamh, Selene & Ayesha, advocating for Pegasus]

[Photos: St. Mary’s C.S.S. students -Jessil, Joanne & Becky, advocating for Fred Victor Centre]

  • Your videos that speak louder than words…

[William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. students – advocating for Out of the Cold]

..atthew House) else like you  

out the future.”the reason we are still operating in this community. they y learning exactly wh

[St. Mary’s C.S.S. students – advocating for Fred Victor Centre Women’s Day Program]

[YPI students – advocating for Hope for Freedom]

[York Mills C.I. students – advocating for Matthew House]

  • Your extensive research on issues that matter…

  • And your compassion through teamwork, caring for your community as a student body…

[Photos (left to right): Father John Redmond C.S.S., James Cardinal McGuigan C.S.S.]

  • Thank you for your readiness to find ways to participate and help!

This group lent a hand even before they did the interview, to learn about what the charity did!

[Photo: Nelson High School students at Sew on Fire Ministries]

  •   Thank you for sharing your story…

[Central Commerce C.I. student – Shafi – advocating for Native Child and Family Services of Toronto]

  • And thanks for your decisions in difficult situations… 

[Photo: Student judges think hard at Father John Redmond C.S.S. to choose the compelling presentation and charity that will receive the YPI grant]

As we hear student-led judging panels discuss YPI presentations, the toughest question is always, “How do we choose?”

You remind us with your attitude:

We choose to care. We choose to share. We choose to compel others to do the same.

We could just as well call it a “CO-OPETITION”.

In each school, each group’s efforts contribute to a bigger movement of cooperation where you’ve been able to petition for others to care and share on the issues that matter in your communities. When there’s social cooperation around shared values and behaviours, through networks of social connections, everyone benefits. You showed the way, with your YPI group work. Charities have been seeing you as an important and inspiring part of their networks!

Do you know what charities told us, after you’ve visited and advocated for them?

“Enthusiastic, driven and caring young people are the reason we are still operating in this community. They have great ideas and they care about the future.” (Epilepsy Waterloo-Wellington)

“Our young people are our best source for reaching other clients. Word of mouth in a small and rural (yet expansive in geography) is extremely important. Our young people …volunteer to give back to our generous community. This also increases a positive profile.” (Columbus House (Pembroke) Inc.)

“Young people are an important resource in the field of philanthropy as much by their leadership as through their creativity at all levels. They are also excellent ambassadors.” (Lighthouse Children & Families/Le Phare Enfants et Familles)

I am just really encouraged and glad that you found your visit …so inspiring!  That to me is as good as winning – if our home can ultimately inspire someone else like you to catch the “vision” of helping to make the world a better place for vulnerable people, that to me is a great accomplishment.  …You are a “winning team” in my books! …Keep in touch – we would be glad to have you as part of our community.” (Matthew House Refugee Reception Services Toronto)

“We are always amazed by the creativity the youth exhibits in their (YPI) projects. We would very much like to collaborate with those youth in the future to share their presentations or even have them as presenters in our events and talks in our community.” (Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter)

“It was a pleasure getting to know some of the kids participating and watching their passion and understanding of the charitable sector and the importance of philanthropy unfold. Kudos and thank you!” (Kids with Cancer Society of Northern Alberta)

We’ve been moved by you, young people, as you’ve shown incredible maturity, grace and conviction, and as you’ve made it important to talk about issues with your peers and network that young people may not normally talk about.

You’ve spoken up.

You’ve risen up.

You’ve lent a hand.

You’ve lent an ear.

And you’ve shared a victory – with your whole community.

Because of what you’ve said and done, charities tell us that thousands of people in your communities will benefit – people who may be hungry, homeless, escaping abuse, alone, living with dignity with an illness or disability, or vulnerable in many other ways.

For all that: Thank you.

Cheers to you and your YPI impact!

Dear YPI alumni: We can’t wait to see what else you’ll do. In 1 year, in 3 years, in 5 years, in 10 years… Drop us a word anytime and say hello. Share what you’re up to. We’re cheering you on.

-Melodie, YPI Canada

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