Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

How is YPI Funded?

YPI Canada embraces the idea that how funding is allocated can be as impactful as where that funding is allocated. Our grants and programming are provided with the assistance of a growing community of generous donors and supporters. These supporters are diverse in their missions and range from large, national organizations to small, regional foundations and local businesses across the country. What they all have in common is a desire to support systemic social change, and to engage youth by giving them a unique opportunity to participate directly in decisions about how funding is distributed in their communities.

   was created in 2002 by theLogo of Founding Partner, Toskan Casale Foundation

YPI is made possible by our generous supporters across Canada.

Our Supporters




How to Get Involved

YPI Canada is seeking social change champions to join our mission so we can sustain our momentum, deepen our impacts, and meet growing demand from schools in communities across Canada.

Download the Amplify Your Impact guide for more information, or contact Holly McLellan, Executive Director, to inquire about how you can support YPI.


Download this guide to learn more about the benefits of YPI and how to get involved.

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YPI Canada Audited Financial Statements 2018

View a copy of YPI's most recent audited financial statements.
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YPI Canada Audited Financial Statements 2017

View a copy of last year's audited financial statements.
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