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“I would absolutely recommend YPI to colleagues at other schools.  I think it challenges students, provides diverse perspectives on social issues, engages students in REAL active citizenship, and allows them to learn a lot about their local community.”  ~ Participating YPI Teacher

it's a challenging time to be a teacher.

Teachers, we know you’ve been stepping up in extraordinary ways to support your students and community through the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us in helping to make this year as successful as it can be for your students, your school and your community.  

ACCESS Something Special FOR Your School this year.

For 20 years, YPI has offered schools large and small, urban and rural, the opportunity to bring learning to life, engaging students in a real-world opportunity to stand up for social change right where they live.  

Not your average school program, YPI is a curriculum-boosting real life civic engagement opportunity for grades 9-10, that can help you achieve your classroom goals while watching your students succeed in exciting new ways.   YPI is free for eligible schools, and comes with a $5,000 grant for your students to direct to a local charity in your community.

Join thousands of educators from across the country by taking part in YPI this school year.  

Four students jump in the air while smiling and holding a large $5000 cheque for their chosen charity.

What YPI Educators Are Saying.

Teachers who delivered YPI to their students in the 2020-21 school year told us that the program 

  • Engages students with significant social issues in their own communities, and promotes real active citizenship.  
  • Offers students a unique opportunity to gain significant networking skills and real-world professional experience that will help to prepare them for life after high school.  
  • Brings the curriculum to life by connecting schoolwork to the community outside of the classroom walls.   
  • Fosters a powerful and meaningful connection to important skills such as leadership, accountability, collaboration, presentation, teamwork and public speaking.   


Our flexible model allows us to work with number of different types of schools – public, independent, urban, suburban, rural, big, small – with their own unique culture and context. YPI resources are adaptable to meet a variety of curricular expectations in courses such as Civics, Careers, Social Studies, Humanities, and Religion, and our knowledgeable and understanding program team is available to support teachers in delivering YPI in a way that meets your students specific needs.  YPI is also adaptable and flexible to align with pandemic restrictions.

“YPI empowers students and helps them find their voice. My students learned to research and how to properly present their work. It also helped them become passionate about a local organization!” ~ Participating YPI Teacher

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