Preview the Application Questions

Along with some basic information about your school (address, contact information, etc.) the YPI application form will ask a series of short answer questions about where our program would fit within your school's culture and community. We encourage you to take some time to consider and discuss these questions within your department, or with your administrators/school leadership before you get started on the application form. 

• What school-wide goals/priorities/values align with YPI?

• What are some student outcomes you would hope to see as a result of participating in YPI?

• What other experiential learning/social justice/community engagement programs/initiatives are offered at your school?

• What does student/youth voice mean to you as an educator? How does your school engage youth in decision-making?

• In what ways does your school currently interact with charities and other community organizations?

• In your opinion, what social issues are currently most pressing in your school's surrounding community?

• Additional comments/questions/considerations.

Once you are ready to go ahead, you can complete and submit the full application form here.